Hunting The Perfect Shot: 5 Tips For Newborn Photography

Not every photographer has the patience to deliver the perfect shot, you know, that photography that will make your newborn look awesome.

That is why, if you are a client looking for a baby, child, newborn or kids photographer Glasgow (for example), you need to look for someone very experienced and with tons of technical knowledge on this special type of photography, because it is not easy at all.

However, if you are a photographer trying to polish your skills, then this article will help you to do so. You are invited to discover these 5 tips that will help you to take the perfect photo. Of course, you are also invited to ask questions, because we will answer them!

#1 – Make Sure You Have Everything That Is Needed:

You need to make sure that you have all the equipment necessary to deliver the best photos, because if not, not even the most talented and skilled photographer will be able to offer a good service.

Here is the list of things you will need:

  1. Formatted memory cards
  2. A good camera (and a proper backup)
  3. A good space heater
  4. A comfy boppy pillow
  5. Lenses (as many as you need)
  6. Blankets for recreating different backgrounds
  7. Hats and headbands

Although, you may need less or more depending on your client’s expectations.

#2 – Make Sure You Understand The Expectations:

Communication is key for understanding what your client needs, and therefore, deliver exactly what he/she is looking for. This is key, because if you do not have a good idea on what the parents want, then it is easier to mess it up and make them upset.

I know this is not a technical tip, but without proper communication, how do you expect to deliver the goods?

Sit down, talk and listen to them. And of course, let them know if you cannot do something, because it is better to under promise and to over promise.

#3 – Find Inspiration in The Baby:

You need to find inspiration in your most important client, because without it, you will not do a good job. It is key to do this, because without inspiration, your shots will reflect the same thing: that you do not feel good at all taking the photos.

I know that this sounds like a stretch, but it is very important and all professional photographers know it.

#4 – Feel Confident:

If you do not project confidence in what you do, then the results will suffer. It is better to feel over-confident than under-confident, so take that into account. Trust your skills and do your best, because that is how you will get excellent results.

#5 – The Light And Angle:

Experiment with different lights and angles, because the results can be quite different, so make sure to do this. It will pay off, because thanks to experimenting with this, you will get better photos. You can take it for granted.


5 Powerful Tips to Take Better Photographs

If you take your job seriously, then you should always be looking for new ways to improve your current level, and therefore, deliver a better service.

In this opportunity we are going to share with you 5 tips that will take your skills to the next level. We’re going to help you offer your clients a better work, and hence, receive more compensation for your service and build an excellent reputation.

Are you ready to start? So, let’s begin right now!

#1 – Practice Will Make You Better:

This one is a classic that is mentioned to photographers, writers, athletes, etc. But this remains true: if you want to become great, then you need to practice over and over again.

Many persons complaint that there must be some kind of shortcut, but the truth remains: practice is what will open you the doors to greatness. Therefore, if you want to be better than the rest, then start putting more hours into practicing and learning, because sooner than later it will pay off greatly.

#2 – Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative:

If you want better photographs, then you shouldn’t be afraid to be creative. For example, you can check out this article on sewing machines, buy one and craft your own clothing for the photos. Ok, this may sound a bit too much for some, but it is a good example of how you should not hold back.

Your creativity will take you far, so just exploit it because that will yield you better results than you can imagine.

#3 – Learn How to Use Software:

If you want to bring your photos that extra professional touch, then for sure you need to learn how to use software like LightRoom and Photoshop. Nowadays you cannot afford not to know how to use them, because they will bring you an edge over the rest.

Just like learning how to use a camera you also need to put time and practice into mastering this. Of course, the more you practice and learn the more you will advance.

Therefore, if you want to make great advances in this career, then learn how to use software and it will help you to accomplish excellent results.

#4 – Try New Techniques:

You should always be willing to include new techniques in your repertory. There is always something new you can integrate and that will make your photos better as a result.

You shouldn’t be too conservative when it comes to photography, because you should always bring room for experimentation and trying new techniques. Follow this philosophy and am pretty sure that you will make your photos infinitively better.

#5 – Just Lock The Focus:

And finally, if you want to make your photos better, then you can do something as simple as locking the focus. You won’t believe how much better your photographs will look, so make sure to give this a try.

That’s it. These 5 tips will make you a better photographer, so implement them starting today!


Newborn Photography: 5 Tips To Do It Exceptionally Well!

Newborn photography can be harder than you think, but worry not, because thanks to these tips you will soon discover that it can be easier than you think. If you follow them, then you may end achieving great results like this newborn photographer Perth service. You have got to check them!

But well, now coming back to topic, it is time to discover these tips that will take you from zero to hero in no time!

#1 – Make The Newborn Very Comfortable:

If the newborn is not comfortable, then your photos won’t be good. This is a golden rule you have got to respect if you want to have success here.

If you accomplish it, then rest assured that your photos will look much better, because you will have more chances of taking good shots.

So, if you do a good job at this, then you will have already won a big part of the battle, because if your photography skills are on point, then nothing will stop you from doing an exceptionally good job.

#2 – Safety Is Extremely Important:

Needless to say, the newborn needs to be safe at all times. Safety is mandatory, hence, make sure you take this into account.

You cannot afford to put your little client at risk, that’s why you need to take all the measures necessary to avoid any risk. And yes, this goes hand-to-hand with comfort.

#3 – Embrace The Basics:

There is nothing better than starting for the basics.

Here are some of the basic yet most useful poses:

  • Tummy pose
  • Side pose
  • Back pose

Needless to say, details matter a lot here. If you don’t exploit those little details, then your photos will lose substance, and you surely don’t want that.

So, you should stick to the basics first, because more often than not, they will bring the results you are after. Stick to the basic poses and you will win big time, you can take it for granted.

#4 – Reflectors And Window Light Are Awesome:

If you have problems getting that perfect shot, then window light and reflectors are powerful tools you cannot dismiss. Use them for your own advantage and be amazed by how much they help.

You really need to give them a try, because when used correctly, they will make a tangible difference in your photos.

#5 – Use Photoshop And Lightroom:

I think I cannot stress enough how important this is. If your post-production skills are not at its best, then you need to level up your game. It is important to learn that, because this way you will make your photos even better, and yes, your clients will love you for it.

We are in 2017 and PS and LR exist for a reason… so you can use them and make your photos truly awesome! That’s what they exist for J

If you have this tool at your disposal, then you should use it by all means!


How to Make Amazing And Modern Photos: Some Good Ideas

Are you a photographer looking for cutting-edge ideas for your photos? Then you are in the right place, because this article will share pretty interesting ideas with you.

We all need to look for an edge every now and then. You know, something new that breaks the mold and makes you scream: “WOW”. That’s what you need to look for.

I hope that this article gets your brain working and your creativity sparkling. Now let’s get into the good stuff and see how you can make your photos modern and amazing.

A Magnificent Idea:

It’d be pretty cool to check this best hoverboard review, buy it and then go to some modern location in your city and take some photos with it while your model rides on it. And you can even take selfies!

Well, I know that such idea is a bit stretched out, but what could better and more modern than taking a photo while someone rides a hoverboard in a modern place of your city?

This is one of the many ideas you can arrive to if you allow your imagination to flow. And well, I give you my full permission to use it.

And perhaps you can use the hoverboard as a way to move through the scenes. You can even film videos with the help of it, as it’s a nice way to move around. But anyway, there are many things you can do with the help of it.

It’s All About The Location:

If you don’t select a good location, then your photo will fail.

If you are serious about this, then you need to select the locations pretty well. Because if the location is not good, then your photo will face the same fate. You can bet on it.

So you should spend some serious time into finding the right locations for your photos. If you do, then it will be hard for you to miss it. Because if the location rocks, then so will your photos.

Choose a Good Theme:

You need to choose a good theme for your photos. That’s something that will take time, but the more you practice the easier it will come for you to choose the best theme for your photos.

This is essential for your photos to look amazing and outstanding. If you don’t do this, then you won’t give your photos that special touch that makes everyone wonder how you did it.

Seek Inspiration But Don’t Copy:

You should always seek inspiration, but don’t mistake that for copying.

If you want to be a successful photographer, then you need to be original, but it doesn’t mean that you can take inspiration from other people’s work.

So you should seek inspiration, get plenty of it and use it to build an amazing work of your own.

These tips will help you to make amazing and modern photos. Now that’s all you need to take care about.


Preparing Your Garden For a Photo Session: How To Do It?

As it seems you are going to host an amazing photography session in your garden, but as it seems you are not ready for it yet.

No problem at all. Because here you will learn how to take care of it in no time. And if you are running against the clock, then you better hurry up!

The Basics: Preparing The Material

Your Camera:

Make sure your camera is alright. The last thing you want is to prepare everything just to ruin it all due to a problem with your camera.

You should ALWAYS check your camera prior to a session, and by this I mean with a couple of days in advance and right before the session.

I know this kind of advice sounds a bit too general, but this is what you need to do.


Have you already obtained inspiration?

Inspiration can be the difference between boring and amazing. If you want to take truly amazing photos, then you need to check other people’s work and take inspiration from there. That will yield you amazing results.

The Plan:

Have you already crafted and organized your plan?

Every session must follow a specific plan, and you must make sure it’s 100% ready.

Your Garden: Just Clean It!

I’m taking into account that your garden is not looking like a cemetery and that your problems are not so big.

If you just need to clean it, then you should buy a blower or even better: a leaf mulcher which comes with a blower. That will allow you to get rid of several problems at the same time, and of course, for the price of a single product.

So all you need is a mulcher and I’ve already prepared two suggestions for you:

Why My Personal Choices Will Help You:

Now, remember that I’m not a world-recognized expert on leaf mulchers (haha), but I can talk from my personal experience and I hope this helps you.

The Top Cheapest Option: Black & Decker BV6000 High Performance Mulcher

Who said you had to risk performance for a low price?

Whoever said that didn’t have the minimum idea of what this mulcher can do. It’s easy to use, it’s pretty powerful and will get the job done, and the best part, it’s pretty affordable.

So if your budget is quite low and you are looking for a solid performance, then here you have what you are looking for, which would be the best leaf mulcher for you.

The Real Powerhouse: Patriot Products CSV-3100B

There are persons who need a really powerful solution, and as it seems you are one of them.

I don’t need to say anything more: It’s ultra powerful, highly durable and heavy duty. It’s one of the best mulchers in the world, and you should get it. It’s amazing.


That’s it. This is how you can prepare yourself for this photography session. I hope you get amazing results!


Professional Newborn Photography Services

A lot of people say that the fact that they’ve become a parent doesn’t feel tangible until the moment they hold their newborn baby in their arms, becoming a parent is a lot more than just a phase in your life, it’s one of those incredibly special moments in your life that need to be cherished and saved forever. One of the best ways to immortalize such a moment is to take photos of it all, photos taken by a professional who knows what they’re doing and have the expertise needed to capture every moment in all of its glory, so that whenever you take a look at those photos it feels like as if you’re reliving the entire moment once more.

Onesies & Co. is one of the few options for professional newborn photography Perth has to offer, the company is owned and run by Emilia Gray; someone who has had a fascination with the timelessness of pictures ever since she was a little girl who liked to watch her dad produce photos by himself in a make shift dark room. Emilia has had plenty of experience with photography and has turned her interests into her hobby now, her company is dedicated to providing new, expecting and growing families with services that let them immortalize some of the most precious moments of their lives.

They take every job as more than just work, the company feels honored to help its clients preserve their special moments and does everything that it can to create touching portraits that capture the essence of what it means to become a parent. Being a mother of two children herself, Emilia is well aware of what it feels like to welcome new life into the world, her ability to relate with her clients plays a great role in enabling her to provide every client with more than satisfactory services.

Apart from providing newborn baby photography, this company also provides other photography services that include photoshoots that help mothers record all of their pregnancy, you can also hire them to take pictures of your family, create touching portraits of your children and more. O Studios has a website where all of their services and a number of their works can be viewed to get an idea of what to expect from them, you can also find a lot of information about maternity and baby photography over there in the form of tips and guides. Being able to share her passion for photography and helping other people in learning how they can immortalize touching moments is something that Emilia Gray loves to do as much as she loves taking photos.

You can get in touch with the only commercial maternity and newborn studios in Freemantle, Perth and start discussing how they can help you preserve the joys of becoming a parent forever. The studio’s commitment to providing only the best work and its unique artistic vision enables it to produce work that can’t be found anywhere else.


Bursting With Photos And Ideas

For a lot of us out there, stock photos and videos have become a great source of entertainment ever since it has become an internet trend to use them to make memes, it’s a superb way of using them but not the use intended for them. Stock photos are usually placed online from various sources for the purpose of selling them to people who are in search of pictures and other visuals for their projects but do not have the skill or the equipment needed to take presentable photos. You can find a vast variety of stock photos on the internet ranging from artfully taken pictures of everyday items to entire scenarios that have been photographed.

You might be thinking that once a picture has been placed online anyone could copy it without having to pay at all, a popular solution to prevent this is by placing large watermarks on pictures, these watermarks can easily ruin the look of a picture and make it useless. The idea of stock photos is pretty practical, however the problem with them is that using stock photos in any project can decrease the uniqueness and originality of your work since there’s a chance that other people have made use of the exact same image as well. This fact makes people reluctant about paying for stock photos in any way, luckily there are a few websites out there that provide stock photos absolutely free of charge.

Burst is a website with a large collection of free stock photos that are all great for use by entrepreneurs who don’t want to deal with the trouble of copyrights and being accused of stealing someone’s work. Burst’s vast collection of photos is quite popular amongst people who run online startups from their homes, their free stock photos can be used to provide a visual representation of something to customers, as part of an advertisement or simply to decorate a website and make it look more appealing.

Along with providing a wide variety of stock photos, Burst also a section on their website that provides people with a variety of business ideas consisting of entire case studies that provide details about suppliers, business models, marketing tips and more. These templates also come with a number of free photos in them as well, meaning that every business idea you can find on their website comes along with a startup package that can help you get on your feet.

If you’re thinking of starting a business but can’t seem to come up with a solid plan then you can visit Burst to take a look at some of the most popular business ideas this year, the website is a great place for any entrepreneur who’s either about to start a new business or has a business in its early stages that needs help in making progress. Feel free to browse through Burst’s massive collection of stock photos and ideas, hopefully you’ll find some much needed inspiration over there.


Corporate Event Venue Singapore: 5 Tips For Excellent Photos

There are many event venues in Singapore which are truly beautiful and elegant. But well, one of these events is never complete unless you have an excellent photographer to take excellent pictures.

If you are a photographer who wants to learn more about taking this specific kind of photos, then you are more than welcome to keep reading this new blog post.

It’s All About The Angles:

If you want to take pretty good shots at a corporate event venue Singapore or any other place in the world, then it all comes down to the angles.

This is where a really good photographer can prove its worth: If you can find creative angles, then you will get photos that none else could ever take. And that’s going to bring you an excellent-quality product at the end of the day.

So analyze the angles and try to find the best ones. That’s how it works and what you should do in order to become a better corporate photographer.

Natural Lighting Please:

Unless the event is held at night, you should try to take as much advantage of natural lighting as possible. Because this is going to bring your photos a better result at the end of the day.

So take this tip into account: If you want really good photographs, then you need to make use of natural lighting. This tip is going to make a remarkable difference, so you should take it into account.

Plan And Strategy:

You should rarely accept a job of this kind in a rush, because it’s always better to know with time in advance where the event is going to be held, so you can visit and study it, in order to plan a strategy and take the best photos possible.

Some people and photographers dismiss the importance of this, but if you really want to offer a world-class service, then you need to do something different than the rest, and it’s planning your strategy with time in advance.

This tip will bring you amazing results, so you should take it into account.

Get People Involved:

You want to make everything flow, and the best way to do it is by getting people involved. Invite them to pose and take photos of them. You need to make them feel great, and if you do so, then you will get better photos.

This is where experience plays a very important role, so you should consider this.


The company who decides to hire you will be more than grateful if you over deliver by giving them photographs they can use for marketing purposes. This is where abstracts shots shine and excel, because they are excellent for marketing.

So these are the tips you need to follow. If you put them into practice, then you are going to be amazed by how well they work, because they will make a tangible difference in your photos and this will make your client satisfied.

Equipment Reviews

What is The Best Vlogging Camera?

Vlogging is the sort of activity that can really help you get an enjoyable experience out of a vacation, and in many situations you would be able to build an entire career out of it. However, the first step to vlogging is getting the right kind of camera. So how do you find the right camera for vlogging?

With a vlogging camera you are going to need a high quality lens, accurate color capture and above all functionality. The whole purpose of a camera within a vlogging context is that you should be able to see yourself. Hence, a display that flips forward is also obviously going to essential.

One more thing to keep in mind is that a vlogging camera is supposed to be as durable as possible. This is because you are going to be using it in a number of situations where it might fall and get damaged, which would cause some serious problems for you if you are trying to vlog on a regular basis.

Additionally, price is an issue you will have to address. While it is true that the most expensive vlogging camera is not necessarily going to be the best possible option for you, you also need to keep in mind that a high quality camera is always going to be on the more expensive side.

One great option that you should definitely consider as the best vlogging camera 2017 is the Canon G7. This camera has an incredible 20.7 megapixel camera along with a multi angle LCD, which you can use to watch yourself while you are recording your vlogs in order to ensure that the angle is the best that it can possibly be.

The video quality of your vlog is going to matter a great deal, and with this camera you can get incredible quality that is shot at 60 frames per second. 1080p recordings are also naturally part of the package, thereby making your vlogs gorgeous to look at and rich in various details.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this product from a vlogging perspective is the fact that it has WiFi connectivity. This means that you can upload your vlogs and the like directly to your social media accounts without having to worry connecting to a different device or uploading your files to a computer. This also means that you would be able to livestream, something that a number of social media outlets are starting to include and make very prominent among all of their features.

All in all, this is the camera you should be buying if you want to get the best possible result when it comes to vlogging. While it is definitely one of the more expensive cameras on the market, there is still the fact that it provides so much incredible functionality for you to enjoy, and it can also help you really expand your overall viewer base by improving the overall quality of your vlogs and videos.


How to Earn More Money With Photography: From Zero to Hero

If you are a photographer who’s struggling with making money or simply want to see a nice boost in your earnings, then you are in the right place.

You are a talented photographer, there’s no doubt about it, but if you want to get serious about this and learn how to make more money with your passion, then you need to understand that there are changes to be made and things you will have to invest in.

But don’t worry, because we are going to tell it to you in very easy words in just a few seconds.

Be Honest With Yourself:

Do you feel like you are a really good photographer? Do you feel like you can compete with the rest of photographers out there in your area? In order to earn more money, or any money at all, you need to be good at what you do.

There’s no marketing technique which can help you in this case. You are either good or bad, as simple as that. Therefore be honest with yourself, and in case you recognize you don’t have what it takes, then don’t worry, because you can always improve and try again later. In fact, this way you will save yourself from very uncomfortable and problematic situations.

Brand Yourself:

If you want to get more clients and make more money, then you need to know how to brand and market yourself. If you really want to make it possible, then you need to do it.

By this we mean that you need to join the digital club… you need to set up your very own website along with a good listing of social media profiles! Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are amongst the many you should join in order to market yourself the right way.

You can use FB Ads to attract new clients. There are many ways to accomplish the same thing. Perhaps you can also try PPC by Adwords in order to drive highly-targeted leads to your website which you can easily convert into clients.

Make sure to add a large sample of your work in your website in the form of a gallery. So your visitors can check what you do and how well you do it. It all matters a lot.

Pick a Niche And Become Specialized:

If you want to earn more money and become recognized, then you need to pick a niche and become specialized. Nobody likes an orchestra-man. If you really want to add a nice boost to your current earnings, then the best thing you can do is to pick a niche and become highly-specialized.

You can, for example, become specialized on wedding photography. It’s a very hot market and can make you a lot of money, but you need to be experienced on it. Therefore, if you really want to make a serious career out of this, then you need to follow this piece of advice, because it’s sure to add a lot more money to your earnings.