Preparing Your Garden For a Photo Session: How To Do It?

As it seems you are going to host an amazing photography session in your garden, but as it seems you are not ready for it yet.

No problem at all. Because here you will learn how to take care of it in no time. And if you are running against the clock, then you better hurry up!

The Basics: Preparing The Material

Your Camera:

Make sure your camera is alright. The last thing you want is to prepare everything just to ruin it all due to a problem with your camera.

You should ALWAYS check your camera prior to a session, and by this I mean with a couple of days in advance and right before the session.

I know this kind of advice sounds a bit too general, but this is what you need to do.


Have you already obtained inspiration?

Inspiration can be the difference between boring and amazing. If you want to take truly amazing photos, then you need to check other people’s work and take inspiration from there. That will yield you amazing results.

The Plan:

Have you already crafted and organized your plan?

Every session must follow a specific plan, and you must make sure it’s 100% ready.

Your Garden: Just Clean It!

I’m taking into account that your garden is not looking like a cemetery and that your problems are not so big.

If you just need to clean it, then you should buy a blower or even better: a leaf mulcher which comes with a blower. That will allow you to get rid of several problems at the same time, and of course, for the price of a single product.

So all you need is a mulcher and I’ve already prepared two suggestions for you:

Why My Personal Choices Will Help You:

Now, remember that I’m not a world-recognized expert on leaf mulchers (haha), but I can talk from my personal experience and I hope this helps you.

The Top Cheapest Option: Black & Decker BV6000 High Performance Mulcher

Who said you had to risk performance for a low price?

Whoever said that didn’t have the minimum idea of what this mulcher can do. It’s easy to use, it’s pretty powerful and will get the job done, and the best part, it’s pretty affordable.

So if your budget is quite low and you are looking for a solid performance, then here you have what you are looking for, which would be the best leaf mulcher for you.

The Real Powerhouse: Patriot Products CSV-3100B

There are persons who need a really powerful solution, and as it seems you are one of them.

I don’t need to say anything more: It’s ultra powerful, highly durable and heavy duty. It’s one of the best mulchers in the world, and you should get it. It’s amazing.


That’s it. This is how you can prepare yourself for this photography session. I hope you get amazing results!